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THE History

Fidelity Building

Built in 1931 at 2087 Sherman Avenue, the Norwood Home Savings Association opened the 7-story skyscraper to serve as their primary place of banking.  It was described as “a handsome, modern office building,” which also housed dentists and physicians of the time.  In 1938, the bank changed its name to Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan Association, in which it would be known for the next six decades.

In 1956, the 3-story office building was built at 4555 Montgomery Road to accommodate the bank’s growth, with primary banking operations moved to the first floor of that facility.  The bank saw the building as a fitting home for a financial organization, that is playing a vital part in the city’s welfare and progress.

At the turn of the century, Fidelity merged with Centennial Bank and then eventually was bought out by PNC Bank.  PNC ended up leaving the current building in 2005 in its move to a newly built bank down the street.

The buildings sat empty for over a decade before Ventura Builders Group acquired them.  With new ownership, and a new vision, the Ventura’s have turned the entire first floor into an elegant venue space.  The upper floors have been constructed and modernized to once again hold office tenants.

The buildings are now ready to flourish for another 100 years in the heart of Norwood, Ohio.

Grand Opening of the new Fidelity building in 1957